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March 8, 2010

Do You Need More Clients F*A*S*T ?

Save £100 by signing up to our new Jumpstart programme before 31 March 2010 and get the quick-fix you need.

CALL or email us NOW to schedule your start date, and remember to quote “Blog £100 off.”

* International or other ‘out of town’ clients have their sessions over the telephone.


January 23, 2010

Do you need more clients FAST?

Is your business revenue deflated after the holidays?
Have your sales figures stalled from last year’s lousy economy?
Are you in a wheel spin trying to get your business back in motion?

Then a quick JUMPSTART this January will have you in pole position in no time!

Over the last few months we’ve been running a highly successful pilot of our new JUMPSTART programme. It is specifically aimed at independent professionals who need to boost both the quality and quantity of their sales and marketing efforts. If you need a ‘quick fix’ and like the DIY approach (as opposed to longer term or more intensive support#) then this may be just the JUMPSTART you need.

Our JUMPSTART programme consists of four in-person* intense mentoring sessions covering:

(Session 1) Aligning your marketing and sales with your business goals. This session focuses on the level of effort and budget required to support YOUR specific revenue targets, as well as how to build systems for monitoring key marketing and sales ratios. It also explores the most effective ways of doing targeted lead generation.

(Session 2) Building the Professional Service Sale. This session is all about building a repeatable process for marketing and sales in YOUR business, while ensuring that marketing, sales and delivery all align with the branding position of the organisation.

(Session 3) From Strategies to Sales. This session explores various marketing strategies as well as sales techniques that YOU can put to use in YOUR business, each aligned with the process we developed in Session 2.

(Session 4) Online Marketing – A Brave New World. This session focuses on how to avoid the ‘online hype’ and create an effective online presence which is carefully integrated with the organisation’s overall strategy. Where, how, and how much online marketing to do.

The hour-long sessions are held every other week over eight weeks, leaving you the time between sessions to immediately put in to practise what you have just learned.

The price is £599+VAT and we accept payment by credit or debit card, cheque, or internet bank transfer.

Enrol in the JUMPSTART Programme now by sending us an email with your name and contact details and we will call you back with a start date and to collect your payment information.
Please do not send your card details by email!

#If you require longer term or more intensive support, then our Marketing Edge Programme will be more appropriate for you.

*In-person sessions are held at your premises if within a five mile radius of Basingstoke Town Centre, or at Dummer Golf Club just off Junction 7 of the M3. If this is not practical or possible, then all sessions are held by telephone. (We work with international clients via Skype)

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