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(3) FREE Resources for Professionals

Below is a list of all currently available free resources:

1. Transform Your Networking with a Verbal Signature™

A twenty-minute audio workshop. This programme will help you to network more effectively by developing a Verbal Signature – a means of introducing yourself to prospects in a way that catches the attention of those you want to work with while allowing others to ‘qualify out’ gracefully and quickly. In MP3 format with an accompanying workbook in PDF format.

2. Becoming a Marketing Master – Understanding the Seven Principles of Professional Services Marketing

A White Paper outlining in detail the seven principles which govern marketing professional services. In PDF format.

3. Identity Theft – How it Happens and How to Protect Yourself

A White Paper on what is fast becoming the scourge of the Information Age – Identity Theft. This document is full of helpful tips on identifying the signs of it and preventing it from happening to you. In PDF format.

4. The Twelve Top Reasons Customers Leave Their Banks

This fascinating Special Report documents the results of a survey we conducted in November 2007 asking what irritated respondents about their bank. Before you conclude that it’s not for you, let us assure you that it’s not only banks who have these issues! A quick read will convince you that there are key learning points in this report for any business with customers – so for any business, then! In PDF format.

So Subscribe Already!

All this good stuff is just waiting for you! We’ve tried to make subscribing painless – you’ll find ‘Subscribe’ boxes in the top right-hand corner of virtually all of our pages.

Are you worried about how we use your information? We don’t blame you – it’s a valid concern in this day and age. So please go and read our Privacy Policy and put your mind at rest. If you still have questions or concerns that we need to answer before you will subscribe, please Contact Us and we will do our utmost to set your mind at rest.



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