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February 24, 2009

Marketing Q&A – Readers Ask, We Answer

Joyce Turton sent us an email asking “It would be interesting to have your views on how to identify ‘good networks.’ A common complaint I hear, especially locally, is that ‘Everyone’s selling and Nobody’s buying’ – which predated the credit crunch. Any thoughts on this? Could it be faulty networking techniques en masse in Surrey/Hants?”

Many of our readers and clients often ask us about where and how to network effectively. It’s important to always bear the following three keys in mind, as a start:

  • 1. Fish in the right pond. You need to be doing your networking where your prospects are. It’s of little value to spend many hours (and many £££) on networking events that provide you with lots of low value connections. You need to be thinking quality not quantity.
  • 2. You need to be an active, visible member of any group (or groups) that you belong to, so don’t spread yourself too thinly.
  • 3. If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results, so you need to frequently evaluate your networking and the results you are getting from it. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made.

The above pointers are expanded upon significantly in the feature article ‘Are You Fishing in the Wrong Pond?’ first published in the Marketing Edge back in April last year ,  so please have a read through it in full by clicking here.

Regarding your point that Everyone’s selling and Nobody’s buying’

Don’t lose too much sleep over the fact that most networkers are there to sell – after all, you are there to sell! Why shouldn’t the people you meet have a similar objective? But ask yourself this question about most of the people you meet at your next networking event:

‘If they were buying – would their need match my product/ service offering?’ (Evaluate their personality, the size of their business, their industry, and any other relevant demographics. Be ruthless – your time is too precious to waste on long shots. And remember that if your product/service can solve everybody’s problems, you haven’t defined your market well enough.)

If you answer no to the aforementioned question, you have identified the problem. Don’t bother to go back.

However, if you answer yes then you are networking in the right place. Now your challenge is to get the attention of your prospect – they are, after all, there to sell, not buy. You have to find a way to shift their attention to something they need, and need badly enough to stop selling for a while and go into buying mode.

Joyce, you will also benefit tremendously from the content in our Performance Tuned Networking Seminar-in-a-Box.

Thank you for your question,

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