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November 25, 2008

“But I’ve Always Done it That Way!”

Why is The Queue Out The Door?I was driving home during rush hour this afternoon and stopped at the petrol station to buy something to quench my thirst. I stood in a queue for six minutes just to pay for a coke, while everyone ahead of me (without exception) was paying by card for their petrol.

What’s unusual about that?

I was at Morrison’s in Basingstoke which is a “pay at the pump” filling station! So why on Earth was everyone ahead of me queuing up to pay at the cashier when that could have been done in a flash right at the pump?

I asked the cashier if it was usual for so many to avoid the much smarter alternative, and she said that people only tend to pay at the pump after hours when no one is working in the shop.

How crazy is that?

We should all be looking for opportunities to make our lives easier, and not just do something because we’ve always done it that way. This is an especially important lesson to apply to our businesses.

Please take the next few minutes to jot down five things you do just because you always have. Then look for ways to be smarter!


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