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October 27, 2008

Give Great Referrals!

A number of my mentoring clients belong to networking groups that rely on members making referrals to each other.  Many of those referrals consist of little more than a name and telephone number on a piece of paper, making follow up quite daunting.  I frequently hear reports like ‘it was no better than a cold-call’ or ‘they weren’t expecting my call’.


So the question arises – how do I make sure that when I give a referral it is a warm one, with value?


Here’s one tactic I use and suggest you give it a try:


I like to send an email, copying both parties that are being introduced to each other, in to the message. The wording would be something along the lines of:


“Dear Jill (and Anne)


Anne is currently redecorating her office and I told her about the brilliant work you did at Becky’s office.  I gave her your number so no doubt she’ll be ringing you in a day or two.

 Anne: just to confirm, here is Jill’s number *****

Jill: Here is Anne’s number to follow up ****


All the best



Or you could try something like:


“Hi Richard and Ben


It struck me that the two of you may not have crossed paths yet, but it may be worth having a chat to explore possible synergies.


Richard: Ben is a *** who works with **** and helps them to ****

Ben: Richard does **** with **** and helps them to ****


Here is Richard’s telephone number and email address ******

And here is the same info for Ben *****


There may not be any immediate business in it for either of you, but it’s always a good idea to expand our professional networks, isn’t it?





This type of introduction works particularly well because it hangs on the fact that you have a relationship with both parties, so there is an element of referred credibility all around. Richard and Ben both trust me, so they are more likely to trust each other and start off their relationship on the right footing.


Go on, give this method a try with the next batch of referrals you do, and see for yourselves the much better level of response.  Then please come back here and leave me some feedback!


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