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July 22, 2008

Grow Your eZine List The Honest Way!

You may recall my recent article, published here on June 3rd and in my eZine The Marketing Edge entitled: Right vs Wrong: How To Build an Email List wherein I outlined some of the dishonest, and soon to be illegal ways that many businesses and email marketers grow their email subscriber lists.

Many so-called marketing experts and self-proclaimed gurus are the worst offenders – adding every email address they’ve ever collected onto their unauthorised s*p*a*m*m*i*n*g lists.

I also outlined a number of best-practices for building an eZine (or email newsletter) subscriber database with people who have chosen to subscribe, by opting-in to receive emails from you. 

Few other email marketers would be prepared to share their statistics or inside information, but I would like my clients, subscribers, and readers to feel comfortable that I not only ‘walk the talk’ but can substantiate advice I give them, based on my own experiences.

You will notice from the screenshot I took from Aweber (my highly recommended list manager) earlier this evening, that my current new subscriber statistics over the last week show 37 new opt-in subscribers. That’s an average of over 5 new subscribers EVERY DAY.

That quickly adds up to well over 1800 new, qualified subscribers every year.  People who want to receive my newsletters because they have decided it is relevant to them.  Wouldn’t you want to grow your mailing list that way – rather than by dishonest means?

Email Marketing $19/Month!

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