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July 21, 2008

Going Green, Being Environmentally Aware, or Simply Saving Costs…

…. What do you do at your place of work that has a positive impact on all these areas (environment and bottom line)? No matter how small the act…

One personal example: I use the reverse side of printouts and mail as notepaper, (before it gets recycled or shredded.)

I also asked this question on LinkedIn and these are some replies I’ve received so far:

“Great example, and there’s so many others to choose from.

Using coffee cups or mugs rather than paper/plastic disposable cups is one of my favourites.

This also improves the coffee-drinking experience, so boost the drinker’s happiness-factor too! ” – Tamsin Fox-Davies

“I don’t print e-mails. If I want to discuss an e-mail with someone else I’ll forward it to them. If I want to remember to follow up on an e-mail that I read I’ll flag it or I’ll mark it as unread.

I also use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive faxes instead of using paper for faxing cover letters and documents. Our I.T. department set that up for us this year, so I take advantage of that. Another benefit is that I don’t have to deal with paper jams in the fax machine! ” – Elizabeth Bonds

“Minimal electric light use – I have lots of natural light in my office, so only turn on the lights when I absolutely have to.

Use natural ventilation (with a fan when needed) instead of air conditioning. But then, I Iive in mild Seattle.

Keep the printer turned off when I don’t need it, which is most of the day.

Turn everything off at night and turn off the power strip to eliminate the power drain from supposedly “off” equipment.

Minimize printing; read things on the screen if possible.

Office furniture is all used (except one file cabinet). ” – Richard Jackman


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