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July 8, 2008

Top Tips For Making An Impression

… Well at least in the Gospel According To Jonathan Schneider!

I got a phenomenal response to my previous post: The No-No’s Of Networking, LinkedIn users were particularly forthcoming in their responses, as were those on the Ecademy forum, and readers of The Marketing Edge e-zine.

Jonathan’s reply though, was the one that literally had us rolling around on the office floor in hysterics. We hope you enjoy his top tips as much as we did.  Oh and please do feel free to contribute your own – we’d love to hear from you too!!

Sure, all of these points are good, but I find people really enjoy when I:

Accidently have my shirt open to show a Superman Logo shirt underneath and say, “oops! I guess the secret’s out.”
Ask in a trembling voice, “you wouldn’t happen to have any anti-depressants with you?”

Keep looking around nervously and ask if the person has seen any KGB agents around.

Wear tin foil on my shoes and tell people that they keep me safe from government mind experiments.

Tell people how great it is to finally be left out of my box for a couple of hours.

Ask if my fly is open and comment that it should be because I’m urinating.

Repeat “you have business?” over and over in broken English with an unidentifiable accent until the person walks away.

Do nothing but quote lines from “Caddyshack.”

Make a raspberry noise every time I take a step.

Listen intently to someone tell me what they do and then shake like I have a chill while hugging myself and say “I’m going to need to take a long shower after hearing that!”

Tell people I work for a certain government agency and my official title is “cleaner.”

Say I’m an undertaker and then look the person up and down and comment how they would fit in a “number 6.”

Send thank you notes and end with a statement that I may be pregnant and believe they are the father (whether it’s a man or woman).

For some reason, people tend to remember me.



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