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June 26, 2008

What Are the “NO-NO’s” of Networking?

In your opinion: what really rubs you up the wrong way when networking?

Perhaps you have comitted the ‘unforgiveable s i n/s’ yourself and learned your lesson; OR you have been on the receiving end of someone else’s unacceptable or inappropriate actions / activity / behaviour.

It could relate to online or in-person networking.
It could be at or during an event
It could be what happens (or doesn’t happen) afterwards.

I’m looking forward to your comments!

I asked the same question on LinkedIn. Here are excerpts of some of the replies so far:

“A few things come to mind.1) People that are really trying to prospect instead of network.
2) People that talk about themselves the entire time and never ask about you and your business.
3) Lack of follow-up. The majority of people I meet never even send a ‘nice to meet you’ e-mail.”



 – Scott Cunningham (Indiana)



“The biggest no-no in networking is trying to sell your products or services before you develop a working relationship with the other person. I have found many people attend networking events thinking that they’ll find new clients. The reality is nobody is carrying your clients around in their pocket looking for you. You must be willing to thnk first of getting to know the people you met and find out what they need first!


 …. Follow-up is drastically missing today. In my personal experience 94% of people do not follow-up even when they have something to gain from it!”

       Linda Steele (Missouri)



“1. Giving someone you just met 6 business cards so they can “pass them on to anyone who needs my services”.
What? I just met you!
2. Smoking a cigarette right before you walk into a networking event.
What’s your name? Camel, Marlboro, Virgnia Slim .. ugh


5. No follow-up, no thank you, no nice to meet you.
Yeah, it’s hard to come up with something beyond “itwasnicemeeetingyouletmeknowifIcanhelpyou” but make the effort.
6. Handing me your card before we even shake hands.
Um, thanks….do I know you?


       Beth Bridges (California)



“ …..

4. Name dropping: e.g. I am meeting Bill Gates next week or I know the CEO from his school days or I can fix your meeting with Madonna when she visits our town.
5. Talking business before developing rapport or interest is shown by other person(s).


       Subhas Biswas (India)



“One great tip I learned is to avoid joining two people having a discussion. There is a chance that the pair is having an intimate conversation. It’s better to join an existing group of three or more.”

       Kassandra Kearse (Washington DC)


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