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June 16, 2008

Does Wisdom Have a “Best Before” Date?

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As professionals and successful business people, how much advice and guidance do we seek out (or even appreciate) from older generations?

Sure, trends change; thinking and ‘accepted wisdom’ is frequently challenged or updated; but does *all* advice ever become outdated? What kind of resources can our parents – even grandparents, if they are still around – be?

Do you ever seek the opinion or input from your parents in business matters? Or do you think their wisdom is beyond it’s “best before” date?

I would love to get your thoughts.
Thank you.

The above question was also posed on LinkedIn – see below for some of the responses so far:

I don’t have any grandparents, but I have a few friends a bit younger than my parents who offer fantastic advice and perspective, in a slightly different way than my parents, so a bit more acceptable.Wisdom in this respect is not really based on facts or data really. It’s more like their knowing and experiencing over their lives, that things are temporary, that problems don’t tend to last as long as you worry about them, and bad things short term may be good things long term, and vice versa. – Kevin Horst (Montreal, Canada)


For me wisdom has no “best before date” – you can always learn from shared wisdom, even if the times have moved on; the genuine wisdom should have a relevancy that you can learn from.Often times, it may have an “ahead of its time” date and those are the real pearls that are worth connecting with and harvesting – the challenge is in spotting them…. – Hamish Taylor (Falkirk, Scotland)


…..The question of stale knowledge or wisdom therefore never comes up. I think it dangerous and hubristic to assume that, because one has done more, one is wiser, or, perhaps worse, that one’s own undoubted wisdom is somehow transferable. Far better to release the wisdom within…. – Colin Hicks (London, England)


I worked with older people in a Mental Health Team.

Like any human being of any age you can learn something from them – even when they have Dementia, Alzheimer’s or other disabling conditions. So my answer to your question is ….. no, wisdom does not have a best before date. If anything it has a best after date! – Someone who asked to remain anonymous, Conwy, Wales.


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