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December 19, 2007

Hello world!

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dsc05099-small.jpgWe mentor Professional Service Executives in building profitable practices. We use principles of marketing that have proven effective over and over again and are used with consistent success on three continents.

  • If you’re new to professional practice, you can expect to find your practice growing at a rate that previously was the stuff of imagination.
  • If your practice is ‘stalled’ getting to the next level you can expect to find that getting over the hump and onto the next growth slope will come easier than you could have imagined.
  • If you’re holding off from discussing price increases with your clients you can expect to be reconnected with the real value you provide to clients.
  • If you’re not working with your ideal clients right now, you can expect to amaze yourself when you paint a crystal-clear picture of not only who your ideal clients are, but where you should be prospecting for them.
  • If you’re too busy to market yourself right now, you can expect to confront the realisation that you’re probably not aligning what you do with your vision for your practice – and then you will be provided with the tools to address this misalignment and redress the imbalance between your work and your purpose.
  • If you’re convinced marketing doesn’t work for you, you can expect to find that marketing works far better than you could have imagined – but only if you do it right.

Dont hold back! visit our website at http://www.zee2a.com right now, and see how we can help you.  Our tele-classes are available to professionals anywhere in the World!  Our Face-to-Face mentoring is only available in the UK at present.

Sign up to our e-zine and receive a free 20 minute audio workshop (including workbook) to help you maximise your networking efforts.  Read December’s issue here: http://www.zee2a.com/MarketingEdge/eZine071201.html 

Read our Bio’s here: http://www.zee2a.com/aboutus.html


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